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2010 Reunion

The 2010 reunion was held October 8 – 11 in San Diego at the Holiday Inn Bayside. A great time was had by all. Several association members from the last reunion were in attendance as well as some first time attendees. Tom Carlson, a former ET who defected to the officer ranks via NESEP showed up with Judd Wheeler, a plank owner and first ops boss. This was their 1st time attending and their presence along with their wives was enjoyed by all. Other 1st timers were Ross Allen, an STG3 from 72 – 73 and his wife. Their presence added significantly to the event. Paul Montover an STG2 from 86 – 90 was in attendance from Cedar Rapids, IA. Joe Petito, from El Cajon, California, and his wife made a quick appearance at the welcome reception. He was an STG2 on board from 86 - 91. Bob Beaty, an STCM and a plank owner dropped in at the farewell brunch on Monday. He had some good stories and also informed us that he is a plank owner on 3 different ships. The 1st was the Bainbridge, the 2nd the Fox, which were both DLG’s and then the Marvin Shields. He became the ST detailer before he retired.

Others in attendance were Ron Anderson and his wife, Guy Cornett and his wife, Steve Johnson and his wife, Randy Irwin, Dave Thomas and his wife, Bill Morgan and his wife, and Jim Wade and his wife. Joe Keeley, the ship’s 4th CO, showed up Friday evening and had many great stories to share as well as a shoebox full of golf balls.

It is noted that the attendance of Mickey Kinney and David Trewin was greatly missed, however their presence was felt by all. Fair winds and following seas to both and their families.

On Saturday most went on a tour of the San Diego area with stops at the Hotel del Coronado, Seaport Village, and lunch at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse. Very enjoyable.

On Sunday an Association meeting was held with an election of officers. Bill Morgan was elected as President of the Association, Dave Thomas as Vice President, and Guy Cornett as Treasurer. It was decided to select Ross Allen as Historian. It was discussed at length what we could do to increase attendance at the reunions and how we could increase Association membership. Most of the lack of participation seems to be due to the poor economy at present. All voting members in attendance decided to make a strong effort to contact former shipmates and encourage their participation in the future. It was decided to have another reunion in 2 years. 5 possible sites are being considered:

A survey is available on the website for shipmates to indicate their preference for location. It is the Association’s goal to make the 2012 reunion better than ever with many more

  1. Seattle, Washington
  2. San Diego, California
  3. Las Vegas, Nevada
  4. Branson, Missouri
  5. Chicago, Illinois

Shipmates at the Welcome Reception on Friday night: L-R, Dave Thomas, Judd Wheeler, Bill Morgan, Tom Carlson, Guy Cornett, Jim Wade, Steve Johnson, Joe Keeley, Randy Irwin, Ron Anderson, Paul Montover, and Joe Petito

Back row: Steve Johnson, Ross Allen, Tom Carlson, Bill Morgan, Randy Irwin, Ron Anderson
Front row: Jim Wade, Guy Cornett, Judd Wheeler, Dave Thomas

Back row: Debra Wheeler, Sheryl Johnson, Linda Wade, Barb Morgan, Lynda Anderson
Front row: Lorrie Allen, Tanya Carlson, Renee Cornett, Marie Thomas

Back row: Guy Cornett, Jim Wade, Ross Allen, Randy Irwin, Judd Wheeler, Tom Carlson, Dave Thomas, Bill Morgan, Ron Anderson, Steve Johnson
Front row: Renee Cornett, Linda Wade, Lorrie Allen, Debra Wheeler, Tanya Carlson, Marie Thomas, Barb Morgan, Lynda Anderson, Sheryl Johnson

Dave Thomas, Tom Carlson, & Tanya Carlson

Bill Morgan, Jim Wade, & Randy Irwin

Lynda & Ron Anderson; Joe Petito, Paul Montover, Letti. Petito, Guy Cornett, Dave Thomas

Bill Morgan, Jim Wade, Joe Keeley, & Judd Wheeler

Steve Johnson & Bill Morgan

Foreground: Jim Wade & Steve Johnson
Background: Letti & Joe Petito, Joe Keeley, & Paul Montover

Foreground: Lynda & Ron Anderson; Guy Cornett, & Marie Thompson
Background: Dave Thomas, Randy Irwin. & Debra Wheeler

Foreground: Lynda & Ron Anderson Standing: Bill Morgan
Background: Tom Carlson, Guy Cornett, Debra & Judd Wheeler; & Randy Irwin

Saturday tour stop: Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, Point Loma

Guy & Renee Cornett at Point Loma

Tour stop

Hotel del Coronado

Randy Irwin, Steve Johnson, Jim Wade, & Dave Thomas in the Lobby of the Hotel del Coronado

Tour stop

Guy & Renee at Seaport Village

Steve Johnson at Seaport Village

Tour lunch at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse

Tour lunch at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse

Tour lunch at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse

Sheryl & Steve Johnson at Sunday Banquet

Tom & Tanya Carlson at Sunday Banquet

Lorrie & Ross Allen at Sunday Banquet

Debra & Judd Wheeler at Sunday Banquet

Randy Irwin at Sunday Banquet

Ron & Lynda Anderson at Sunday Banquet

Jim & Linda Wade at Sunday Banquet

Marie & Dave Thomas at Sunday Banquet

Association presents appreciation plaque to Guy & Renee Cornett, Bill Morgan presenter

Appreciation Plaque

Randy Irwin & Guy Cornett

Please send your reunion photographs to Guy. Let him know if there is a specific photo that you would like added to this photograph record

Contact information
Dave Thomas, President
Mike Schubert, Vice President
Bill Morgan, Secretary/Treasurer

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