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2008 Reunion

The Sheraton Westport Plaza in St. Louis was the host hotel for the 2008 reunion, held September 25th through the 28th. At the invitation of the Mobile Construction Battalion 11 Association, our reunion was held in conjunction with theirs. The reason for the invitation? Our ship was named for a member of their battalion who received the Congressional Medal of Honor for valor in Vietnam, Marvin G. Shields.

We had eleven shipmates and ten wives in attendance:

Dick Gilbert 76-78 LT
Bill Morgan 71-74 RM2
*Mickey Kinney 70-75 BTC
Dave Trewin 73-74 RM2
Guy Cornett 71-74 RM2
Jim Wade 73-74 RM2
*Dave Thomas 70-75 STG2
Jerry Nie 71-73 HM3
Bob Canaan 72-74 RM3
Roger Kram 72-76 BT2
Steve Johnson 73-75 RM3

*Plank Owner

On Thursday evening, 14 of our attendees gathered with MCB-11 at their dinner reception. It was an interesting evening as we met several Seabees who served with Marvin Shields. We heard their stories about him being an average Joe who when called upon acted valiantly. They were proud to have served with him.

Friday was a busy day for ten of our folks as they toured St. Louis and St. Charles for most of the day with MCB-11. In the evening they joined the rest of our crew at the Welcome Reception. It was an evening full of stories from our days aboard the ship and where life has taken us since.

A tour to the Anheuser Busch brewery kept us busy for part of the day on Saturday. Just prior to our evening banquet, the voting members of the association (all 11) held the associationç—´ business meeting where we discussed issues such as the association membership, dues, the location for the 2010 reunion, and new officers. Meeting minutes will be posted in the near future.

In the evening we enjoyed a great banquet together and had more opportunities to get to know one another.

Sunday morning, we gathered one last time before we headed home with our heads full of new memories and looking forward to the next time we would gather together in 2010.

Back row: Jerry Nie, Dave Trewin, Guy Cornett - Center row: Dave Thomas, Bill Morgan, Mickey Kinney - Front row: Bob Canaan, Steve Johnson, Dick Gilbert, Roger Kram, Jim Wade

Back row: Linda Wade, Barb Morgan, Sherry Kinney, Bernice Kram - Center row: Sheryl Johnson, Zelda Nie, Renee Cornett - Front row: Virginia Canaan, Marie Thomas, Lynda Trewin

Left side: Lynda Trewin, Renee Cornett, Sheryl Johnson, Virginia Canaan - Right side: Bill Morgan, Dave Trewin, Steve Johnson, Guy Cornett, Dick Gilbert

Left side: Dick Gilbert, Guy Cornett - Right side: Bob Canaan, Virginia Canaan, Sheryl Johnson, Renee Cornett, Lynda Trewin, Barb Morgan

Banquet with MCB 11 Association - ladies in foreground part of CB group - Renee Cornett, Sheryl Johnson, and Steve Johnson facing camera - table in background includes the Trewins, Morgans, Wades, Kinneys, and Nies

Banquet with MCB 11 Association - Dave Trewin, Barb Morgan, and Bill Morgan facing camera - Johnsons and Renee Cornett at table in background to left - tables to right part of CB group

Banquet with MCB 11 Association - Sherry Kinney, Mickey Kinney, and Jerry Nie

Banquet with MCB 11 Association - Guy and Renee Cornett - tables in background part of CB group

Banquet with MCB 11 Association - Lynda and Dave Trewin - table in background part of CB group

Banquet with MCB 11 Association - Barb and Bill Morgan - tables in background part of CB group

Banquet with MCB 11 Association - Sheryl and Steve Johnson - table in background includes the Wades, Kinneys, Jerry Nie, the Trewins, and Barb Morgan

On the bus to Anheuser - Busch Brewery - Left side: Jerry and Zelda Nie; Dick Gilbert; Dave and Marie Thomas - Right side: Dave Trewin, Jim Wade, and Sherry Kinney

Gathered at the door to Anheuser - Busch waiting for our tour guide

Gathered in the Tasting Room at Anheuser - Busch

Seated: Jim Wade, Linda Wade, and Bernice Kram - Standing: Bill Morgan

Standing: Roger Kram - Seated: Bob and Virginia Canaan; Renee and Guy Cornett; and Sheryl Johnson

Lynda and Dave Trewin

Mickey and Sherry Kinney

Dick Gilbert

Marie and Dave Thomas

Bernice and Roger Kram

Zelda and Jerry Nie

Linda and Jim Wade

Barb and Bill Morgan

Contact information
Dave Thomas, President
Mike Schubert, Vice President
Bill Morgan, Secretary/Treasurer

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